The Second Declaration

A book written by a 24-year old futurist, called “The Second Generation,” has sold more than 4 million copies in China. The book reveals author Wang Xiaoping’s great dream: Immortality and infinite joy for mankind. How will this dream be achieved? Ms. Xiaoping believes that science and technology are becoming so advanced, that we are reaching the point when computers and machines can begin to design and build ever-more powerful versions of themselves.

With these super-machines, we will confer upon ourselves supernatural powers, such as genius intelligence, high morality, perfect beauty, day-long ecstasy and even immortality.  That is, of course, if we can just get through this current rough patch where we have invented machines powerful enough to kill us but not yet powerful enough to save us by making us wise.

A Vegan Thanksgiving

Everyone knows the easiest way to save the planet is to eat a healthy diet of grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Living on these nutritious foods has brought me much happiness. I appreciate the simple taste of the whole grain bread I bake, spread with fragrant fresh-ground peanut butter and spicy apple butter. The intensity of the deep green plants like kale, spinach, and swiss chard sauteed with onions and garlic and seasoned with tamari sauce. The utter simplicity and fresh taste of tofu made in Jamaica Plain at 21st Century foods.

A vegan diet has allowed me to live in harmony with my goal of compassion for all beings. By eating grains directly, instead of feeding them to livestock, I leave more food for others, more room for wildlife, and pollute less.

I am healthy. My sense of taste has been enhanced. And I maintain my weight without effort, year after year.

Start on the road to balance with nature. Eliminate meat from your diet and reduce eggs and dairy foods. Your body will thank you for it.