I canceled my Chase card!

Today, the Rainforest Action Network and its partners are conducting a campaign against JP Morgan Chase which is financing mountaintop removal coal mining. I canceled the card and cut it up. Here’s my letter to them:

Please cancel my Chase card. I am not going to do business with any company that is financing mountain top removal coal mining. I have averaged about $2,500 in charges per statement over the last year and I have been a Chase cardholder since 2005. I have the greatest respect for the Rainforest Action Network. If they tell me to cancel my Chase card, I m canceling it! I need to find a more socially responsible financial institution.


Susan Labandibar

If you’d like to participate, please go to www.dirtymoney.org.

100% Clean Electricity: We’re moving forward!

Students in Front of State House Lifting Wind Turbine (Iwo Jima)

Last Fall I joined the Leadership Campaign, sleeping out on Boston Common along with important leaders of the movement to stop climate change, such as Bill McKibben and Dr. James Hansen. We have a bold goal: State legislation to mandate 100% clean electricity by 2020. On February 8th, the proposed legislation was released from the Senate Ethics and Rules committee, so that it can be taken up by the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy.

The Sustainable Business Network has endorsed this proposed legislation.


It’s been a while since I put virtual ink to virtual paper here on the Activist CEO blog. As you can imagine, it’s not due to a lack of activism, but an acceleration of it. Here are the projects I am currently working on:

  • Leadership team at Tech Networks. Our vision is to achieve 95% customer satisfaction by the end of 2010.
  • Recruit for new SBN CEO Roundtable. I have benefited greatly from participating in the SBN’s first CEO Roundtable, which includes 8 leaders from other mission-driven businesses. I’m assembling a second group.
  • Orangutan Foundation International: Recruiting an assistant for Dr. Galdikas who will accompany her in her travels. Also, looking for consultant who will help us create a strategic plan for maximizing the value from our upcoming film.
  • Greenpeace / The Leadership Campaign: Recruiting business owners who want to be in a video. The point is to show business owners who state that “The US Chamber of Commerce does not represent me.”
  • Boston’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change: Recruiting for the City’s interactive workshops on climate change planning. We need at least 750 people!

My New Year’s resolution was to make sure that I am spending my time working on the things that matter most. My blog may suffer for it, but it’s all for the best!