Our CEO’s Idea of a Vacation

Susan Labandibar is on vacation right now, but you won’t find her at the beach. Instead, she’ll be in the Borneo jungle.

That’s because Susan’s idea of a vacation is to help save the orangutans and their rain forest habitat as they are threatened by encroaching palm oil farms and other environmentally irresponsible practices.

Two years ago, Susan visited Borneo for the first time. There, she met Dr. Birute Galdikas, the guardian angel of orangutans. Susan soon became an active volunteer and donor to help Dr. Galdikas’s nonprofit, Orangutan Foundation International (OFI).

As part of her effort to help OFI, Susan created the Hutan Project here at Tech Networks of Boston. Did you know TNB donates 20% of new revenue to save crucial rain forest habitat?

This year, Susan’s tour is even more ambitious. She’ll meet the founders of several grassroots nonprofits, as well as scientists from the Center for International Forest Research in Jakarta. She’ll help them rescue endangered animals, and publicize the plight of the orangutan amid rain forest destruction.

Susan will finish her trip at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine in Borneo, in the happy company of the Center’s long-term volunteers and intelligent, hairy residents.

Susan will be back in the U.S. on August 31, insha’Allah. (That means “God willing” in Arabic.) Susan won’t be doing much eating during the day, either: this month is Ramadan.

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