We’re At Your Service- with Deskside Support

When you’re working to a deadline and there’s a computer problem, you need a knowledgeable helping hand. Our deskside support technicians are at hand.

They work as part of a client organization, helping users with computer issues right at their desks, keeping managers apprised of maintenance needs and solving the everyday problems that can prevent people from working effectively. All deskside support technicians come to a client office with prior experience working at the Help Desk on Demand in TNB’s Remote Services Department.

Deskside support technicians are employees of TNB, where they receive ongoing professional training, coaching and supervision, and full benefits. They also benefit from staff development activities provided by TNB. Ongoing training ensures that your deskside support technician stays up to date on the latest technology.

As a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time permanent staff, TNB deskside support technicians make business sense. They work just as if they were your internal employees, observing your organization’s business hours and holiday schedule.

TNB deskside support technicians are the perfect complement to your ongoing service contract with TNB.

How to Run an Effective Training Program

Most organizations know they need training, but rarely implement it. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 1 in 4 organizations with fewer than 25 employees has a formal training system.

Here are a few tips from TNB’s resident trainer, Tuan Pham:

Evaluate Your Needs. Why does your organization need training? Are your employees’ skills out of date, or are you thinking of introducing a new technology that will make everyone’s job easier? Do you need training on standard products, or do you use specialized systems on which new employees need to be trained?

Start Small. Your first training session probably won’t go perfectly. Instead of starting in the big room, first perform a demonstration in front of a few co-workers. Adjust your slide deck, your script and your voice based on their feedback. Then, you can deliver the training with confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “I Don’t Know.” Even the best trainers don’t know the answer to every question. Don’t make wild guesses in front of an audience. Instead, deal with the topic gracefully and follow up later with an e mail.

Gather Feedback. Be sure to give a survey to all attendees after every session. Was the information useful? Was the instructor engaging and able to answer questions intelligently during the training?

Use the feedback that you gather to make future trainings even better.

Meet a Boston Techie: Demeatres Fontaine Deskside Support Technician

Mobile phone not downloading e mail? Printer acting up? When busy clinicians at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) need a helping hand, they call Demeatres Fontaine.

Demeatres came to TNB with a certificate in advanced computer technologies. At TNB, he completed a six-week training internship. Now, as a deskside support technician, he works for TNB but is fully integrated into the IT department at CCA.

Demeatres’s responsibilities range from application support to phone help, working directly with end users at the client office. He keeps CCA managers apprised of routine maintenance needs. If a problem needs
escalation, Demeatres has a quick line back to Tech Networks of Boston, where further resources can be mobilized.

Demeatres loves being part of the IT team at CCA. He is excited about technology’s new role in medical settings; he plans to build his career in healthcare IT.

Know Your Southie Trees! October Contest

Where in South Boston is this tree? The first reader to guess its location will receive a free gift. Hint: this tree is a Northern red oak, located near TNB’s main office in Andrew Square.

Tech Networks of Boston supports the preservation of mature urban trees, which make neighborhoods more pleasant, filter our air and water, and moderate temperatures. We hope you’ll use this contest as a fun way to get to know your city’s trees!