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In this age of increased productivity, task management software keeps workforces organized. Inexpensive emerging software puts management science to work, with user-friendly interfaces everyone can use.

Typically, a manager defines a set of tasks and assigns them to individuals. Staff members then update the software with their status and time spent.

Many products are offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Often web-based, SaaS companies charge a monthly or annual subscription fee to use their products, instead of a one-time purchase price. SaaS pricing models may cost more over several years than one-time purchase, but the monthly outlay can be quite small. We only considered products priced under $200 per month without high per-user license fees.

Tech Networks of Boston recently investigated over 40 task management software products. Here are our highlights.

We liked (at right),,, and A Sharepoint-based alternative is offered on a non-SaaS basis by

The first four products offer different emphases but similar features. Of these, we liked the format of Smartsheet, which is also the least expensive.

Smartsheet presents itself as a “smart spreadsheet.” On a project sheet, rows represent individual tasks, which can be placed in a project hierarchy if desired. We liked Smartsheet’s traffic-light indicators for task status: Not Yet Started, On Track, and At Risk. That’s at-a-glance reporting any manager will find useful. goes in an entirely different direction, offering a Sharepoint template for purchase. SyncTask offers full integration with Microsoft Outlook tasks. We found their website lacking in specifics, but this product merits further investigation because it builds on the power of Sharepoint.

If you’d like more information or if you’d like a business technology evaluation for your organization, contact us anytime.

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