What’s Your Backup Plan? TNB’s Data Safety Guide.

Will your data always be there for you? Let’s find out. When Tech Networks of Boston creates your Data Safety Guide, our technicians will work with you in a structured planning session to ensure your data is always available when you need it. Your data safety system will:

  • Protect against data corruption or loss from hardware failure, malware, natural disaster, human error, theft or sabotage.
  • Meet current and future capacity, retention and recovery needs.
  • Back up data reliably and efficiently.
  • Cause minimal inconvenience to regular business operations.
  • Restore lost data and bring failed systems back to normal operation within the client’s time frame.
  • Meet your budget and use funds wisely.

In most cases, TNB recommends a hybrid backup structure that gives you the advantages of three different technologies: tape or disk-to-disk backup, on-site network storage, and secure cloud storage.

Offsite solutions like cloud storage—in which your data is stored in a secure server on the Internet—protect you against disaster or foul play at your physical location, with the disadvantage of potentially slow transfer speeds should you need the data recovered quickly. Onsite solutions including disk-to-disk backup are much faster to store and recover data, but create a single point of failure. This is why the best backup solutions use multiple technologies and approaches, selected to complement each other in serving your needs.

Inside, read more about some of the factors we consider in creating your Data Safety Guide.

Inside Your TNB Data Safety Guide

These tables show some factors your TechAdvisor will consider in your Data Safety Guide. We will fill Table 1 with an inventory of your data. Table 2 explains the different backup types, and Table 3 illustrates the expected data recovery times for different technologies. TNB will consider all these and more to ensure your information is safe and recoverable.

Table I: Backup Data Inventory Form (to be completed in your Guide)

Table 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Backup Types

Table 3: Internet Connection Speed and Data Recovery Time 

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