Tech Networks of Boston Leads in Charitable Giving

Did you know that many nonprofits receive half their donations at the end of the year? The holidays are a wonderful time to practice charity and social responsibility.

At TNB, as we focus on providing the highest quality technology services at the best possible value, we donate more than one percent of revenues to environmental causes. Here are the organizations to which we made major gifts in 2011.

Orangutan Foundation International is leading an effort to pre- serve the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest in Borneo, Indonesia. This vast, biologically rich forest is home to hundreds of orangutans and other endangered wildlife species. As the centerpiece of TNB’s Hutan Project, we contributed the first $11,060 to preserving this valuable habitat. To purchase your land, see founder Bill McKibben is a renowned writer and climate activist. This group spreads the message that high levels of atmospheric CO2 are causing drastic changes in our oceans and climate. TNB has helped plan’s annual climate awareness day and other advocacy activities for the past three years.

The annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival put on by “e” inc was the inspiration for TNB’s Hutan Project. It’s a testimony to the power of film that a six-minute documentary shown at the 2009 festival motivated our President to tackle the planet’s most serious deforestation issue.

Tech Networks of Boston tries to practice the ethic of service every day, in supporting the needs of all our clients.

Roberto Gets a New All-in-One PC from TNB

Recently Livia Gonzalez called us to find a computer for her son Roberto, who lives with muscular dystrophy.  The family has been on a limited income since Livia quit her job to care for Roberto full-time.  We offered the family an HP accessible All-in-One PC free of charge.  “That made my day,” Livia said, “because I’d do anything for him.”  Now Roberto can study history, his favorite subject, at home on his new accessible computer.


TNB Holiday Schedule

As we prepare for the holiday season, please note that Tech Networks of Boston will be closed for business on the following two days in observance of the holidays:

  • Monday, December 26, 2011
  • Monday, January 2, 2012

Our emergency service will be operating during these two observed holidays. Should you require immediate assistance, call our Help Desk on Demand at (617) 269-0299 and select emergency support.

TNB will be open for business as usual at all other times. Happy holidays from all of us at Tech Networks of Boston!

Save the Date: Office 365 Webinar:
Learn about Office 365 direct from a Microsoft trainer! Microsoft has teamed up with Tech Networks of Boston to offer a free webinar about the Office 365 software accessible over the Internet. Share files and work collaboratively with ease.

In the webinar, we’ll show you the Office 365 product line, with a focus on integrating Sharepoint. It’s a great way to increase skills and just learn about new technologies that are now available. Save the date! More details to follow.

Free TNB-Microsoft Webinar:
Monday, Feb. 6, 2012, 4-5pm

Meet a Boston Techie: Joe Codi Help Desk Technician

When you call our office, there’s a good chance you’ll find Joe Codi on the other end of the line ready to help. Joe is responsible for fielding tech support phone calls, handling server and network outages, and finding solutions to our clients’ computer and network problems.

With years of experience in electrical and electronic repair, telecommunications, computer graphics and electro-mechanical assembly, Joe offers quality assistance to all our end users. And his experience doesn’t stop at computer and network repair. He studied audio engineering and music industry at UMass Lowell and received a degree in Sound Recording Technology.

Outside of work, Joe spends his time playing keyboard and writing music, hiking, camping, and indulging in the occasional video game.

Preventing Spam and its Data Safety Dangers

Spam filters and antivirus software are essential, but you can no longer rely on them for safety. Ten years ago, spam was merely annoying, while today it is a major vehicle for criminals to obtain your personal information to commit fraud. Remember these tips to avoid danger:

Today’s spam arrives in clever new disguises. It might look like a bill from your gas company, a bank account alert, or a package delivery receipt. Often these fraud messages slip right by automated filter software. Be careful with any e-mail alert you were not expecting.

No bank, utility, or delivery service will ever e-mail you an attachment to open.

Check links before clicking them to ensure they’re forwarding you where you expect. If you expect a link to but it actually links to, do not click it!

Even the best antivirus package won’t help after you’ve been duped into entering your account number online and a thief has stolen your identity. Call us at Tech Networks of Boston if you have questions about data safety or fraud prevention.

Know Your City’s Trees

Where in South Boston is this tree? Account Manager David Tenofsky is standing by a Christmas tree somewhere in Southie. The first reader to guess its location will receive a free gift.

A staggering 33 million trees are sold in North America every year for Christmas. Today, as a carbon-neutral practice, one to three new seedlings are planted for every tree that is cut down. On the other hand, while artificial trees may appeal to us in terms of price and convenience, many of these trees are non-recyclable and destined to centuries in a landfill.

The most environmentally responsible Christmas tree option is a small, organically grown natural tree, recycled into mulch after use.