Preventing Spam and its Data Safety Dangers

Spam filters and antivirus software are essential, but you can no longer rely on them for safety. Ten years ago, spam was merely annoying, while today it is a major vehicle for criminals to obtain your personal information to commit fraud. Remember these tips to avoid danger:

Today’s spam arrives in clever new disguises. It might look like a bill from your gas company, a bank account alert, or a package delivery receipt. Often these fraud messages slip right by automated filter software. Be careful with any e-mail alert you were not expecting.

No bank, utility, or delivery service will ever e-mail you an attachment to open.

Check links before clicking them to ensure they’re forwarding you where you expect. If you expect a link to but it actually links to, do not click it!

Even the best antivirus package won’t help after you’ve been duped into entering your account number online and a thief has stolen your identity. Call us at Tech Networks of Boston if you have questions about data safety or fraud prevention.

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