Training for Technology Success

Ensure your staff have the skills they need to succeed.  Tech Networks of Boston offers a full spectrum of training programs to develop your organization’s capacity to use your software.  Your staff will be happier and more productive when they are using Microsoft Office and accompanying business productivity suites as intended.  That’s where TNB training can help.

A typical training engagement includes a structured skills assessment that enables us to design a tailored training program for your staff.  Training sessions can be formatted as one-hour “lunch and learn” series, seminars, or longer workshops.  Training sessions can take place with any desired frequency from weekly to monthly.

Training topics focus on Microsoft products, from remedial to advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, and more.  We are available to design custom training sessions on using office productivity products for common tasks in your organization’s workflow.  Here is a sample of some recent sessions TNB has conducted for clients:

  • Creating Better Documents Faster
  • Customizing Microsoft Office
  • Time Management and Team Collaboration Using Outlook and SharePoint
  • Hidden Functions of Word and Excel
  • Peer Review and Publishing with Office 2010 Collaborative Tools

Let TNB help you work more productively with the tools you already own.  For more information on training, contact us today.

Join Our Free Office 365 Webinar, Feb. 6, 2012

Communication and productivity are key to a successful office. What better way to work better together with you than to present to you Office 365, Microsoft’s newest online services innovation. Microsoft calls it “the easiest way to work together.”

Microsoft’s Office 365 delivers your familiar Office collaboration and productivity suite as a subscription service through the cloud. The software provides secure access anywhere to professional email, shared calendars, video conferencing, instant messaging, and document sharing.

The cloud service enables you to deliver the correct tools to the necessary users with a high level of security while lowering costs. The best part is that regardless of the size of your business, Microsoft offers plans to fit your exact needs, cutting out costly extras that don’t fit your office’s work style.

The program’s goals include:

  • Lower overall costs
  • Enhance productivity
  • Streamline communications
  • Simplify management
  • Achieve business-class security and reliability

To show you more, Tech Networks is hosting a free informative webinar on Office 365. The webinar will take place on February 6, 2012, at 4:00pm. Contact us to sign up, or visit the link below. Learn everything you need right from your desk to determine if Microsoft Office 365 is a fit for your business.

Meet a Boston Techie: Tuan Pham, Project Manager & Lead Trainer

In the four years Tuan Pham has worked at Tech Networks of Boston, he’s had ample opportunity to showcase his diverse skillset. Tuan has been a true team player, taking on a wide range of responsibilities, from marketing to project management to web development. In his new role as Training Manager, Tuan is able to leverage his previous college-level teaching experience as well as his cornucopia of professional credentials. Tuan’s aptitude for learning new software has enabled him to pass dozens of certification exams, including some of Microsoft’s toughest, like the Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

Tuan’s experience wearing multiple hats allows him to see problems from the end-user perspective. A little-known fact: After Tuan obtained his Master’s degree in Journalism from Boston University, he went to work for the Boston Herald as a sports writer. No wonder he’s a whiz at explaining technical concepts in plain English. He also draws on his sports journalism experience to help lighten up his classes with a dose of healthy humor.

An Inside Look at TNB – on Facebook

Introducing a convenient way to read Boston Techie: on Facebook! We are posting all of our Boston Techie articles on our Facebook page ( as well as updates, event photos, and Facebook-only offers. Now you can find everything from our blog ( on our Facebook page as well. Like us on Facebook and get an inside look at Tech Networks. Go see TNB staffers at work and at play. See you on Facebook!

Know Your City’s Trees! February Contest

Where in Cambridge is this tree? Have you seen a lot of trees with their leaves still on this year? This natural phenomenon is called marcescence. The tree shown at right is a pin oak undergoing this process, which is the retention of leaves or other parts that would be expected to fall off. It is not uncommon for oaks to show marcescence, which may have evolutionary advantages.

Tech Networks of Boston supports the preservation of mature urban trees, which make neighborhoods more pleasant, filter our air and water, and moderate temperatures. It’s one of the ways trees are adapting to our warming climate.

We hope you’ll use this contest as a fun way to get to know your city’s trees!

Cutting Down on Waste Using SaveThatStuff

Here’s what Tech Networks has saved in 2011 by utilizing the recycling services of SaveThatStuff! We’ve saved more trees through this service than through our environmental initiative Southie Trees. We encourage you to utilize a service like SaveThatStuff so you can be a part of the green revolution in the business world. Currently TNB is undergoing the Sustainable Business Leader recertification process and hopefully this will help us to find even more ways to limit our impact on the environment and continue to grow as a socially responsible business.