A Handy Glossary on Office 365 and the Cloud

Now you can run an office without having to run a server.  Microsoft’s securely hosted Office 365 applications give you the full power of Office Professional without any of the server maintenance worries.  Microsoft runs the servers for you, in the cloud.  With some versions of Office 365, you can even use your familiar desktop Office applications through a Web browser or on your desktop as usual, depending on where you are.

Here is a glossary of terms you will hear in discussing Office 365 and the cloud.

  • In the cloud: Stored on the Internet rather than in your office.  Frees you from worrying about server maintenance.
  • Hosted: A hosted file or program is accessed through a server in the cloud.  This “host server” is provided as part of your cloud service.
  • Hosted Exchange: The backbone of Office 365, giving you all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange with Outlook e-mail and collaboration, without having to run your own Exchange server.  Hosted Exchange  makes sense for organizations of all sizes, opening the doors to advanced collaboration for organizations that can’t run their own Exchange server.
  • Hosted SharePoint: Like hosted Exchange, gives you the benefits of SharePoint without having to run your own server.
  • Office Web Applications: The full Microsoft Office Professional suite, accessible through Internet Explorer in addition to your desktop.  Office Web Apps give you access to your files anytime, anywhere, while also giving you current versions of Office desktop software.

Tech Networks of Boston is proud to be a Microsoft Partner providing support and implementation for Office 365.  Call us at (617) 269-0299 for information!

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