How Do You Use Your Mobile Device?

The advent of mobile devices is changing the way we do business.  Here at Tech Networks, more and more of our clients and staff do important business on their mobile phones, grabbing time on the go.

“I couldn’t live without my smartphone,” says Nancy Watterson-Diorio, Executive Director of Boston VA Research Institute (BVARI).  Watterson-Diorio chooses not to check her work e-mail on her smartphone, but has established a Google Mail account just for the phone.  She uses her phone for text messaging, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, maps, Google search, and the list goes on.  “I once went to a meeting in Las Vegas and they gave me an app for the meeting,” Watterson-Diorio says, in what has become a conference planning trend.

One only has to think of the many e-mail messages we all receive that end with a “please excuse my brevity” to appreciate how ubiquitous mobile device e-mail has become.  At TNB, we have a mobile workforce of IT consultants, many of whom stay connected using their phones while on the road.

Text messaging, too, has changed the face and pace of business.  Watterson-Diorio explains that her organization now routinely collects a number for text messaging along with other contact information.  “The number of phone calls has plummeted,” she says. “You know you’re not bothering someone” with text messaging because the person does not need to interrupt what they’re doing to have a phone conversation.  Watterson-Diorio finds that texting gets people’s attention faster than e-mail, but is less of an interruption than the phone.

Increasingly, employees are using their personal cell phones for work, in highly productive but unexpected ways.  As technology improves, we expect this trend to accelerate.  That’s why TNB offers Mobile Device Management to help our clients integrate employee’s personal phones into their IT systems.  Contact us today to find out more!

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  1. How do you use your mobile device for work? Is it a smartphone or are you an iPad devotee—or do you use a different kind of device? Join the conversation! We’d love to hear from you.

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