Going to Work with Mobile Device Management

Increasingly, organizations are adopting “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies.  This means that employees who need to work outside the office can choose a smartphone, tablet, or wireless access card, and the organization will assist him or her in procuring, maintaining and using the device with internal systems like e-mail and calendar.

Successfully implementing BYOD requires investment.  It takes time and money for employees to procure devices, obtain in-warranty and out-of-warranty service, change devices, plans or carriers, and integrate devices into the organization’s systems.  Tech Networks can reduce employee time spent managing mobile devices and streamline the procurement process.

TNB’s Mobile Device Management service provides full life-cycle support for employee mobile devices.  We order devices from a set of carriers selected by the customer and provision them according to the needs of the customer’s employees. TNB configures e-mail and calendar on the mobile device along with other features selected by the customer.  Once we have shipped the device to the end user, we continue to provide full support on the devices, including troubleshooting and help desk support.

Mobile Device Management can include ongoing inventory and expense tracking, with monthly reports provided to the customer.  Our customers set policies on how frequently employees may upgrade their devices and when software updates are deployed.  At the end of the device life cycle, we provide secure disposal and recycling.

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