Elizabeth Warren Visits Tech Networks; Small Business Roundtable

Elizabeth Warren Visits Tech Networks of Boston; August 30, 2012


On August 30, Tech Networks hosted U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and local leaders for a women and business roundtable moderated by Massachusetts State Representative Marty Waltz.

Focusing on local businesses and economic health, Warren’s economic plan includes $100 billion in infrastructure funding to spur local jobs creation. Warren lauded the Massachusetts Jobs strategy co-authored by Rep. Waltz that has been effective locally, and which has been used nationally as a model. “Every time a person has a paycheck, that means there is more money to spend locally,” said Warren.

TNB’s Susan Labandibar, who participated on the panel, noted that 72% of TNB revenue is spent locally. Labandibar also shared her frustration that billions of dollars are going to support big businesses while “the infrastructure that TNB values is local and focused on education and transportation.”

All the women on the roundtable panel agreed that there is no such thing as “a women’s issue.” Every issue affects everyone. Equal pay for equal work should not be a topic for conversation because unequal pay affects families everywhere.

Engaging in civic life, such as regional and national political campaigns, local government, and non-governmental organizations was a broad priority for all the panelists.

According to Warren, “This is about our involvement with the issues,” and “our goal is to motivate people to get involved.  We are all called to speak up for what we believe in.  I am drawn to this race by the urgency of the moment.” Please get involved and vote.

TNB Green Office Initiatives

At Tech Networks of Boston, we take environmental stewardship and sustainable practices very seriously. Here are some of the initiatives we are proud to uphold…

1. We provide pubic transportation benefits for employees including discounts for MBTA passes and Hubway memberships

2. Our Carbon Footprint is small and shrinking all the time- we use very little paper products and print double sided when necessary

3. We invest in Boston Buying Power where 100% of the energy mix distributed is from renewable sources

4. We use green office supplies, like products made from recycled materials, eco-friendly soaps and cleaners, hand dryers and hand towels, and an electronic filing system

5. We sponsor a child in Haiti by selling healthy and organic snacks and drinks in the office

6. 3.6% of TNB’s total revenue is given back to the community through organizations like Southie Trees and The Hutan Project.

7. We support our employee’s desires to give back to the community and the environment- 50% of earned volunteer hours are reimbursed as PTO.