Focus on Cloud Computing: Keep Your Own Copy

Cloud computing, the current stage in the Internet’s evolution, makes it possible to deliver everything from computing power and infrastructure to applications, business processes and collaboration as a service wherever and whenever you need it. Flexibility and efficiency make the cloud attractive.

Pros: Each of the essential characteristics is available to users on demand:

  • elasticity and scalability that allows users to adjust usage;
  • self-service provisioning;
  • billing and usage measurement enable a pay-as-you-go model.

Cons: Downsides of cloud computing can include issues of speed, data access and vendor dependence. Internet applications, and access to information can be slowed by your Internet connection which, of course, also can be interrupted. Many small organizations are   concerned about putting data—their second most valuable asset after people—in the hands of a subscription service.

Solutions: Often, the best solution incorporates a hybrid of cloud and local computing that balances the efficiency of cloud computing with the speed, reliability, and comfort of local computing.

NextTech is TNB’s service offering that integrates the two so you can keep your own copy of the cloud.

Meet a Boston Techie: Eliot Sennett, Chief Technology Officer

Eliot Sennett’s guiding principal is quality. He believes “Quality is free, so let’s give it away.”

Quality motivates Eliot to always wonder how TNB can be better, do more, or become more efficient. Our Chief Technology Officer also has a passion for woodworking (he made the table in the picture), vegetable gardening, puns, and new technologies.

Eliot is particularly proud of TNB’s Collaborative Technology Management (CTM) offering because it “fosters the highest level of service delivery at a very affordable price while building long-term relationships with clients.” In addition to collaborating on the design and deployment of CTM, Eliot provides TNB clients with insights through strategic planning for technology.

If you have a suggestion or feedback, please contact Eliot at


NextTech Combines Cloud and Local Computing

NextTech gives you the freedom of cloud-based services integrated with the comfort and safeguards of an office server network. This approach allows Tech Networks to manage the combined offering as a single service. The combination results in lower costs while increasing data security and greater flexibility to access data conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

NextTech most efficiently serves organizations with up to 30 users. It allows small organizations to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing without leaving behind the convenience and speed of local software and access to your information.

Tech Networks takes it one step further, giving you a backup server in your office for your non-cloud applications or those you do not wish to upgrade, and for redundancy so you can work without your Internet connection if necessary.  Meanwhile, NextTech enables secure access to your documents from any Internet connection, along with powerful collaboration capabilities.

NextTech lets you upgrade your core Microsoft Office suite, store files in the cloud for easy access and collaboration, and save money by retaining your desktop applications that may not be cost-effective to upgrade.  It’s a hybrid cloud and premises-based solution we have designed  specifically for our clients to enable them to take the next step into the cloud.

Beyond convenience and collaboration, cloud hosting offers the security of a highly robust system with redundancy built in—which small organizations could not otherwise afford.  With its safety, convenience and collaboration features, NextTech may be your next step.

To find out more about NextTech, contact us at 617.269.0299 today.

Meet Kelin- Tech Network’s Sponsored Child

Tech Networks is proud to work with World Vision Haiti to bring hope to Kelin Daniel, a 12-year-old boy from Haiti. TNB is able to assist this program by selling healthy, sustainable snacks to employees, of which all proceeds go to Kelin.

Kelin, his parents, and his 11 siblings live in a Haitian community that has been severely affected by HIV and AIDS which is devastating the generation of hardworking adults. The money TNB provides helps Kelin and his family with basic needs, education, and HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention.

Kelin is in the third grade, where he enjoys mathematics. His favorite activity is football (soccer) and his favorite color is white.

For more information on the Sponsor a Child Program or to sponsor a child in need today visit World Vision.

Check out the hand written letter Kelin sent us below!