The Help Desk is now our Service Desk

Our help desk support program has been updated and is run by our Service Desk, comprised of highly skilled help desk technicians.  For the last 15 years, we have asked our customers: “How can our help desk services most benefit you?”  Our Service Desk combines the wisdom of your feedback, best practices from other help desks we’ve studied, and unique TNB features. The Service Desk is prepared to help you with any and all requests – no need to leave a message or wait for your request to be delegated. It’s part of our commitment to constantly innovate to bring you the highest-quality service possible.

Tech Networks provides unlimited access to the Service Desk team to all of our valued clients.  Our techs Stephen, Colin, Nasir, Paul, Sam and Michael look forward to assisting your needs with friendly and efficient service.

An Alliance for a More Sustainable Future

Roxbury Technology

Members of the TNB team paid a visit to Roxbury Technology’s manufacturing plant.

Roxbury Technology, LLC, one of Boston’s largest and most sustainable woman-owned businesses in the technology arena, and TNB have formed a strategic alliance. Together, we will now offer complete IT and printer services, including local help desk, remote monitoring, staff augmentation, onsite support, printer repair, and new and remanufactured computer equipment and supplies, including ink and toner, printers, and computers. 

Clients of both firms will now have the opportunity to recycle empty ink and toner cartridges for remanufacture and resale locally in Boston and the surrounding communities. Our onsite service technicians will soon distribute information packets at client sites containing instructions on how to purchase and recycle consumables and other equipment.

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Deborah Elizabeth Finn Joins Tech Networks of Boston to Provide Technical Advice and Strategy

A well-known independent consultant to the nonprofit community in the Greater Boston area, Deborah Elizabeth Finn joined Tech Networks of Boston (TNB) on April 1, 2013. As the Senior Technical Advisor and Strategist, Deborah will manage a selection of client engagements, and help nonprofits align their IT functions with their organizational missions.

Deborah’s role as an advisor at TNB will be critical in helping client organizations bring together resources and need seamlessly through strategic use of information and communication technologies.

“Deborah is a unique source of information, optimism, and connections for the nonprofit and technology communities. She has a wonderful capacity to understand technology and communicate empathetically with non-technical executives,” according to John Marchiony, Vice President of Client Engagement.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn Joins Tech Networks of Boston

As an independent consultant for the past decade, Deborah has worked with a diverse array of clients, including Community TechKnowledge, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Health Care For All/Community Catalyst, Third Sector New England, the Boston Foundation, the Labor Guild, the Rhode Island Foundation, the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, the Public Conversations Project, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, IDEAS Boston, and Perkins School for the Blind. Prior to that, she was TechFoundation”s national nonprofit liaison officer and director of the foundation”s Boston Tech Connect program.

Heavily involved in the nonprofit technology community in Boston, Deborah is a founding member of the Information Systems Forum, the Ethos Roundtable, Mission-Based Massachusetts, and the Boston Technobabes.

Deborah joins Michael Fenter, Vice President of Technical Services; David Gleason, Vice President of Strategic Solutions; and John Marchiony, Vice President of Client Engagement, as part of the expansion of TNB’s executive team. This executive team build out is part of TNB’s commitment to provide people-centric IT care services to its customers.

New Executives Reinforce Tech Networks of Boston’s Commitment to People-Centric IT Care

Tech Networks of Boston (TNB) today announced the arrival of three new executive team members as part of its commitment to provide people-centric IT care services to its customers. Michael Fenter and David Gleason started with TNB this month, joining John Marchiony, who arrived in November, 2012.

The team at TNB adopted the mantra of “We’re Better Together” in 2010 with the launch of the company’s collaborative technology management initiative. Susan Labandibar, President and Chief Mission Officer, sees the expansion of the executive team as an important milestone in TNB’s evolution. “David, John and Michael will help prioritize the people element of our technology solution. All three are highly committed to caring for our clients, our colleagues and members of our communities.”

Michael Fenter, a 14-year veteran of a national managed IT services firm, joins TNB as Vice President of Technical Services. Fenter will harness his IT service and management experience to allow TNB’s clients to experience a mature information technology function that serves human needs.

As Vice President of Strategic Solutions, David Gleason will provide technical leadership and direction to help organizations discover and deploy effective solutions that help further organizational missions and goals. David has 30 years of consulting experience in the IT field, the last 8 of which have been in CTO and interim CIO roles for major nonprofit organizations.

John Marchiony, Vice President of Client Engagement, aims to ensure that people at all levels of the client organization feel empowered to learn, manage information, and communicate easily in a safe and supportive computing environment. Marchiony has contributed to the success of organizations like the Liberty Science Center, The Computer Museum, WGBH, and the United States Olympic Committee Paralympic Division.

A Celebration of Women-led Businesses

The Boston Business Journal (BBJ) and the National Women’s Business Council report that women-led businesses account for approximately 7.7 million jobs nationwide and slightly more than $1.2 trillion in annual revenue, contributing roughly 12 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.

Annually, the BBJ recognizes the local women-led companies that contribute to the regional economy and provide the engine for growth and prosperity that enhances the lives of New Englanders. On Thursday, December 6, in partnership with The Commonwealth Institute (TCI), the BBJ celebrated and profiled “100 incredibly talented female executives and their companies who together set the standards for entrepreneurial success.”

Tech Networks if a Top 100 Women-led Business

Nearly 500 local business leaders attended the celebratory event. Susan Labandibar, founder of Tech Networks of Boston, which was named a Top 100 Woman-led Business, attended the event. Roxbury Technology Corporation, a Tech Networks client, and its CEO Elizabeth Williams were also recognized.

New research from Dow Jones entitled “Women at the Wheel,” reports that businesses with women senior executives “have a greater chance of either going public, operating profitably or being sold for more money.” Furthermore, “for start-ups with five or more female senior executives, 61% were successful.” For venture-backed companies, “a company’s odds of success increase with female executives at the VP and director levels. With every 10% increase in female executives at the VP level, the odds of success increase by 6%; for every 10% increase in female executives at the director level the odds of success increase by 3.3%.”

Know a Great Techie? We’re Hiring!

Have a friend who would make a great Boston Techie?  Tech Networks of Boston is hiring!  Currently we’re looking for a Help Desk Technician; we’re always interested in talking to great engineers at all levels. For more information, visit to browse through the available jobs.  Anyone interested in working at TNB should send a résumé and cover letter to  We look forward to hearing from you!

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TNB Holiday Schedule

As we prepare for the holiday season, please note that Tech Networks of Boston will be closed for business on the following two days in observance of the holidays:

  • Monday, December 26, 2011
  • Monday, January 2, 2012

Our emergency service will be operating during these two observed holidays. Should you require immediate assistance, call our Help Desk on Demand at (617) 269-0299 and select emergency support.

TNB will be open for business as usual at all other times. Happy holidays from all of us at Tech Networks of Boston!

Save the Date: Office 365 Webinar:
Learn about Office 365 direct from a Microsoft trainer! Microsoft has teamed up with Tech Networks of Boston to offer a free webinar about the Office 365 software accessible over the Internet. Share files and work collaboratively with ease.

In the webinar, we’ll show you the Office 365 product line, with a focus on integrating Sharepoint. It’s a great way to increase skills and just learn about new technologies that are now available. Save the date! More details to follow.

Free TNB-Microsoft Webinar:
Monday, Feb. 6, 2012, 4-5pm

Retail Specials

The retail store Tech Computers of Boston offers specials to all TNB clients and their employees. Visit the store at 574 Dorchester Ave. to get these great benefits!

  • 15% off all labor for repairs
  • Virus removal, $136 (regular $160)
  • Operating system restore, $127.50 (regular $150)
  • Diagnostic, $42.50 (regular $50)
  • One-hour tune-up, $68 (regular $80)

Refurbished desktop computers from $150 to $350; refurbished Dell 630 laptops, $325. Products all come with a 180-day warranty.

Secrets to a Successful Business

Tech Networks is lucky enough to have a “garage story.”  Not that we actually started in a garage, but we did start out of my apartment with $5,000 invested in one new computer for me and five used computers to sell.  And while there were a lot of people selling used computers in those days, there were few that really cared about their customers the way we did.

That’s why when we started the retail store, we continued on with the simple rule I had developed in the PC delivery business:  Test everything in front of the customer.  I don’t care if it’s brand-new in the box.  That’s no proof that it works.  Especially for the customer, who is not looking forward to setting up a new and unfamiliar piece of computer equipment in their bedroom , living room, or basement.  Every monitor was turned on, every printer printed a test page, and every computer was booted in front of the customer before they left the store.

Show the customer that it works was the number one rule at the store in the early days.  And it certainly paid off.  Once there was a customer who didn’t have time for our introduction to the PC when he was buying a used computer.  It wasn’t his fault, really, he had  a cab waiting outside.  Anyway, when he got home he called me to express his deep concern with his CD-ROM drive.  It had a major structural defect.  CDs, when placed in the drive tray, prevented the tray from closing or just fell right off.  The problem was quickly remedied when, with my encouragement, he turned the PC right-side up.   (See those round disks on top of the computer, those are the FEET.)

And it turns out that customers really appreciate it when you care.  If a  customer’s Internet is down, our help desk just naturally calls the Internet service provider instead of leaving it to the customer to wrangle with it.  If a server has been acting up during a visit, our onsite engineers just naturally login at night just to keep an eye on things.  If a  backup isn’t working properly, our senior engineers will quietly launch a Microsoft backup just to make sure everything is ok
It’s easy to see that caring is contagious.  Caring about the customer is important, but so is caring about the people who work in the business.   And the circle of compassion does not need to end there.  Like many businesses, we realize that our impact extends both to our local community, and to the wider world.

Beyond caring, it helps to have a product or service that people need and want.  And this is why being in the technology field is such an opportunity for creative innovation.

Boston Globe Article

Tech Networks of Boston, South Boston

In 1995, Susan Labandibar, president of Tech Networks of Boston, decided to locate her company in South Boston’s Andrew Square almost by accident. She had started out of her home, selling used computers to college students in Boston. As the business grew, she began looking for a storefront.
“We went to every stop on the Red Line looking for space until we got to Andrew, and, lo and behold, we found a place across the street from the station,’’ she recalled.
In the 15 years that followed, Tech Networks moved to a larger space, also near Andrew Square. The company also changed its business model; instead of selling to students, it now installs and manages computer systems for small and medium-size businesses.
The company, which has 28 employees, made the Inner City 100 with annual revenue of $3.3 million and an average growth rate of 25 percent over five years.
The Andrew Square location — near where South Boston, Dorchester, and Roxbury converge — still works for the company, according to Labandibar.
“With the recession and the maturing of our industry, we need to be competitive,’’ she said. “Being in the inner city, we not only have inexpensive office space, but access to transportation.’’