Meet a Boston Techie: Tyrone McIntosh, Client Care Specialist

TyMc-WebChances are that you have already heard Tyrone McIntosh’s friendly voice if you have called the Help Desk at TNB. Tyrone, who goes by “Ty,” is our Client Care Specialist.

Ty serves as the first point of contact for people calling the Help Desk for technology support and care. After listening to the caller’s challenge, Ty creates a ticket and assigns the case to our Help Desk engineers who can provide prompt and thorough resolution. 

Working at a small nonprofit before joining TNB, Ty was once at the other end of the line. As a result, he is acutely aware of the time and monetary constraints faced by many clients. “I can empathize with a lot of callers. For me, every issue is important! Even a seemingly insignificant thing like the printer not working could lead to a missed deadline for a grant proposal and a big difference in an organization’s finances,” said Ty.

A people person, Ty enjoys the human interaction that is the core component of his job. Ty believes in giving back to his community. When not helping clients resolve their technology problems, Ty can be found taking photographs and volunteering for his church in Hyde Park.

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Meet a Boston Techie: Eliot Sennett, Chief Technology Officer

Eliot Sennett’s guiding principal is quality. He believes “Quality is free, so let’s give it away.”

Quality motivates Eliot to always wonder how TNB can be better, do more, or become more efficient. Our Chief Technology Officer also has a passion for woodworking (he made the table in the picture), vegetable gardening, puns, and new technologies.

Eliot is particularly proud of TNB’s Collaborative Technology Management (CTM) offering because it “fosters the highest level of service delivery at a very affordable price while building long-term relationships with clients.” In addition to collaborating on the design and deployment of CTM, Eliot provides TNB clients with insights through strategic planning for technology.

If you have a suggestion or feedback, please contact Eliot at


Meet a Boston Techie: Cordaryll Monroe, Deskside Support Technician

If you’re an employee at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA), you’re probably busy making sure the people of Massachusetts can get the medical care they need.  When a computer problem prevents you from working effectively, you need only call and Cordaryll Monroe will be at your side.

Cordaryll is a Tech Networks employee working full-time out of CCA’s office as a Deskside Support Technician.  He functions as part of CCA’s IT team, reporting day-to-day to a CCA IT manager.  Cordaryll helps CCA employees resolve the many computer issues that inevitably come up—like those in our cover story.  Cordaryll came to TNB from the Shriver Job Corps with the CompTIA++, MCP Windows XP, and MCTS: Network Infrastructure and Configuration certificates.  He completed a six-week internship followed by full-time work at TNB’s Help Desk on Demand prior to taking on his role at CCA.

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Meet Tom Hughes, Resource Manager

Your TNB technician arrives at your office to perform maintenance.  Your Help Desk call gets escalated to a service technician, who solves your urgent problem right away.  A technician troubleshoots your mobile device problem and gets you back to work on the go.  Behind the scenes is Tom Hughes.

Tom manages our IT Consultants, matching them to jobs and scheduled visits at client sites.  He also handles service for our Mobile Device Management clients, ensuring success, quality and excellent customer service in troubleshooting client issues.

Before joining TNB, Tom developed a long record in technical project management, including stints at IBM, John Hancock, and over 20 years at Harvard. In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing, photography and amateur radio.

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Meet a Boston Techie: David Tenofsky, Account Executive

As an Account Executive, David Tenofsky provides a crucial interface between our technical staff and our clients.  David works closely with client staff, taking responsibility for entire engagements and ensuring the client’s satisfaction.  He diligently ascertains the needs of clients, translates those needs into language for the technical staff to understand them, then takes technical feedback and translates it back to comprehensible language for the client.

David came to TNB with experience in all aspects of IT client relationships, including sales, customer service, consulting, and direct systems engineering.  Having seen client relationships from all of those angles, David is ideally positioned to help our clients through the entire process of their engagement, from pre-contract consulting all the way through the completion of the contracted project, to ongoing collaboration with the client, ensuring the continued effectiveness of their systems and the availability of further TNB resources should they be required at any time.

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Meet a Boston Techie: Isa Cuba, Senior Practice Consultant

Isa Cuba, Senior Practice Consultant at TNB, has more than 13 years of direct IT experience. He has exercised his talents managing IT departments and assisting organizations in the planning, deployment and support of corporate networks.

Prior to joining TNB, Isa was a Senior Network Consultant at MIS Alliance. As the organization’s most senior engineer, he designed and implemented VMware network infrastructure from the ground up. He deployed enterprise-wide storage and networking solutions and trained internal teams on migration techniques. Isa holds multiple professional certificates and degrees in management of information systems.

At TNB, Isa serves as a CTO-level advisor for major TNB clients, is responsible for direct implementation of network infrastructure projects, and mentors other TNB consultants by providing technology training, creating policies and procedures for service delivery, and recommending new software and hardware for deployment.

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Meet a Boston Techie: Tuan Pham, Project Manager & Lead Trainer

In the four years Tuan Pham has worked at Tech Networks of Boston, he’s had ample opportunity to showcase his diverse skillset. Tuan has been a true team player, taking on a wide range of responsibilities, from marketing to project management to web development. In his new role as Training Manager, Tuan is able to leverage his previous college-level teaching experience as well as his cornucopia of professional credentials. Tuan’s aptitude for learning new software has enabled him to pass dozens of certification exams, including some of Microsoft’s toughest, like the Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

Tuan’s experience wearing multiple hats allows him to see problems from the end-user perspective. A little-known fact: After Tuan obtained his Master’s degree in Journalism from Boston University, he went to work for the Boston Herald as a sports writer. No wonder he’s a whiz at explaining technical concepts in plain English. He also draws on his sports journalism experience to help lighten up his classes with a dose of healthy humor.

Meet a Boston Techie: Joe Codi Help Desk Technician

When you call our office, there’s a good chance you’ll find Joe Codi on the other end of the line ready to help. Joe is responsible for fielding tech support phone calls, handling server and network outages, and finding solutions to our clients’ computer and network problems.

With years of experience in electrical and electronic repair, telecommunications, computer graphics and electro-mechanical assembly, Joe offers quality assistance to all our end users. And his experience doesn’t stop at computer and network repair. He studied audio engineering and music industry at UMass Lowell and received a degree in Sound Recording Technology.

Outside of work, Joe spends his time playing keyboard and writing music, hiking, camping, and indulging in the occasional video game.

Meet a Boston Techie: Jennifer Brundage Sustainability and Marketing Coordinator

Hailing from Northeastern University as an environmental science major, Jennifer Brundage has been involved in TNB events ranging from sales conferences to alternative energy rallies.

In addition to her work editing Boston Charity Events and Boston Techie newsletters, TNB devotes half of Jenn’s time to Southie Trees. As head coordinator, she has been in charge of organizing tree plantings, grant proposals and campaigning to save heritage trees in the Old Colony housing development.

When she’s not working, Jenn volunteers for three different bicycle advocacy groups: the Boston Cyclists Union, Commonwheels Bicycle Coop, and Bikes Not Bombs. She also works as a sound tech at afterHOURS, Northeastern University’s music venue.

Meet a Boston Techie: Demeatres Fontaine Deskside Support Technician

Mobile phone not downloading e mail? Printer acting up? When busy clinicians at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) need a helping hand, they call Demeatres Fontaine.

Demeatres came to TNB with a certificate in advanced computer technologies. At TNB, he completed a six-week training internship. Now, as a deskside support technician, he works for TNB but is fully integrated into the IT department at CCA.

Demeatres’s responsibilities range from application support to phone help, working directly with end users at the client office. He keeps CCA managers apprised of routine maintenance needs. If a problem needs
escalation, Demeatres has a quick line back to Tech Networks of Boston, where further resources can be mobilized.

Demeatres loves being part of the IT team at CCA. He is excited about technology’s new role in medical settings; he plans to build his career in healthcare IT.