6 HIPAA Compliant Tools for Your Organization

Remote or not, your organization is likely moving more and more toward technology. With all the options available for file storage, video conferencing, and other critical business functions it can be difficult to determine which services and platforms will work best for your organization. This becomes especially difficult when you are subject to rules and regulations, including HIPAA compliance if you work in healthcare. We’ve gathered just a few resources that your organization can consider if you’re looking to improve your technology or change the way you work.

File Storage and Sharing

Box provides secure file storage and allows for securely viewing files and sharing data through direct messaging.

Google Drive provides a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Google Apps including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms and allows administrative control over file permissions.

Microsoft OneDrive offers advanced security features for their cloud services including file sharing and storage.

Project Management 

Smartsheet is a powerful tool that can help your organization track, manage, and report on projects in real time.

Video Conferencing 

VSee is a telemedicine platform which can allow providers to virtually perform intakes, collect payments, and schedule follow up appointments

Zoom provides service for healthcare organizations to virtually meet with patients and support them through video calling, screen sharing, and other virtual tools.

Don’t forget that compliance requires more than using software that is audited and follows compliance requirements. Your organization must also enter into a business associate agreement with vendors and must use the software compliantly. It’s still possible to violate HIPAA rules with any software, so make sure your team is aware of their responsibility in following the guidelines and meeting the necessary standards to stay compliant. 

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