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Building the Right Cybersecurity Stack for Your Organization

Cybersecurity is a concern for every business, regardless of size or location. You may not be sure what it means to be secure, or what cybersecurity should look like for you. If your organization hasn’t done much with their technology in recent years, you may have larger security risks than you realize, so we’re laying out what you need to do to ensure your cybersecurity tools are right for your organization.

Assess the gaps

The first step to building or updating your cybersecurity stack is to assess your current risks. This will involve looking at hardware, determining how people react to threats, and reviewing the plans you have in place in case an incident does occur. Once you have assessed the current state of your security, you will need to determine where you want to invest time and money to improve your security.

Invest in the proper tools

Depending on the outcomes of your assessment and planning, you may need to invest in new tools. This can include upgrading your backup systems, switching to a cloud-based model, purchasing new antivirus or anti-malware software, adding multifactor authentication to your login process, and more. Making any of these changes will involve time, money, and training.

Don’t forget your people

Adding new security measures without explaining them to your staff isn’t productive. Instead, make sure you explain the changes you are making, why, and how they will impact your team before changing anything. This will give your team a chance to understand what they will need to do and ask any questions which will prevent frustration in the long run.

Monitor for threats

No matter how many changes you make, you can’t guarantee 100 percent security from cyberthreats. It is essential that you continuously monitor for threats to your organization, so you can tackle any issues before they cause major damage. 

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