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CALC-ulated Action to End the Climate Crisis

CALC Pic from Boston TechieIn January, TNB launched a new project: The Climate Action Liaison Coalition (CALC). We saw an unoccupied niche in the climate movement: small to medium sized local businesses taking targeted action to end the climate crisis. CALC is for companies who recognize that climate change is both a major threat to financial well-being and an opportunity to build a new economy based on restoring our environment and fixing our future.

In the United States, businesses are key participants in shaping public policy on environmental issues. Climate Action Liaisons work within businesses to help them meet the challenges and opportunities of climate change. Liaisons educate employees, empower leaders to advocate directly for policy solutions, and collectively influence the business community’s position on climate change issues. Working with organizations such as Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Sierra Club and 350 Massachusetts, CALC’s goal is to recruit five businesses by July 1st. Recently, Spencer Organ Company, a group that services organs in many of Boston’s churches, has hired Richard Cutler, a volunteer with The Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps, as their Climate Action Liaison.

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