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Grants for nonprofits globally through MissionBox Philanthropic Fund

Tech Networks of Boston is excited to inform our community of new a new grant award opportunity from MissionBox. MissionBox is announcing regular, monthly 2017-2018 grant awards to nonprofits and charities around the world through the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund.

How do nonprofits learn about and apply for each monthly grant?

First, visit MissionBox on a regular basis. Each month, MissionBox will describe and open the application for that month's current grant award program. The always simple application will be posted with the grant as well. Take a look at this month’s grant award: #GivingTuesday Grants — Three $1,000 Grants for Registered Nonprofits from MissionBox

Why is MissionBox providing cash grant awards monthly to nonprofits?

MissionBox is a social enterprise and is dedicated to giving back to nonprofits in the form of free information, knowledge, connections and cash grant awards.

Established and funded by MissionBox, the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund recognizes and supports the critical work of nonprofits on a local, regional, country and worldwide basis.

Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk, co-founder and CEO of MissionBox spent 20 years as a social service provider and executive director of several nonprofits, before founding and acting as CEO of Community TechKnowledge, Inc. (CTK), a company providing outcomes and case management tools to more than 18,000 nonprofits on four continents.

Kathryn says: “MissionBox is more than an online publication of free information, education and connections for nonprofits and charities. It was founded as a one-stop resource center to promote social change and strengthen the collective power of nonprofit mission and people.

We at MissionBox pledge to also provide recognition, in the form of monthly cash grant awards, in support of the important part all nonprofits play in our society. As MissionBox grows, so will the size and type of grants we can offer. I am proud to lead a company that is passionate about promoting social good."

What is MissionBox?

Nonprofits, NGOs and charities from around the world come to MissionBox for free, professionally researched and written educational content, training, connections and resources. MissionBox is committed to uplifting and sharing the operations and mission-focused best practices of all nonprofits.

Additionally, global nonprofits, NGOs and charities publish their results-based service models to support nonprofit colleagues. MissionBox nonprofit visitors make new peer connections and meet nonprofit visionaries and thought-leaders. Nonprofit access to all information is and always will be free.

MissionBox is proud to provide grants for nonprofit organizations as part of our unwavering dedication to making the world a better place for all.


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