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How Cloud Storage Can Save Your Business

Imagine this: you come back to work after a long weekend and realize there has been a leak while the office was closed. Upon further inspection you realize that a water pipe has burst, and the resulting damage made its way into the room where you store your local servers. While you can recover some of the data that was stored there, much of it was lost. You also can't work out of these offices until professionals can come in and repair the damage. Basically, your business comes to a screeching halt. How could you recover everything, and continue working, despite the accident that happened at your office?

One way to ensure your data is protected and accessible is to make use of the cloud. By storing your backups on the cloud, you are ensuring that you have at least one offsite backup, which is essential for any business.

While using services like Google Docs for file management is a great place to start, cloud storage for businesses goes a step further to provide a second level of backups for your data in the event of a disaster. They help ensure that your files can be recovered at any time, from anywhere. Cloud storage also makes automating your backups easy and provides your company with the flexibility to work remotely or scale your storage needs based on your company’s growth.

It’s not enough to worry about what will happen to your data after an incident occurs, instead you should spend a little time, energy, and money now to ensure you are prepared in case something happens. By beginning to migrate some of your files to the cloud in addition to maintaining your local servers you can ensure your readiness. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Sit down with your team and determine your needs, timeline, and budget and create a plan to set yourselves up for success.


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