How Social Media Can Help Your Nonprofit

Over the years your nonprofit organization has likely created accounts on the major social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You use these accounts to share photos of volunteers and events, post company updates, and announce new programs. But can you be doing more with your social media? Yes. Social media can be a great tool for your nonprofit, here’s how:

Reaching new audiences and potential donors

Sharing your blog content, event details, and fundraising campaigns online can increase the audience who sees and engages with them. When posts are shared by others they reach more people who are likely to support you through volunteering, word or mouth, or donations. 

Engaging with your existing base

It is important to regularly engage with your supporters. While you probably send regular newsletters out, by using social media you can update them more frequently on your successes, providing resources, asking for help, getting community input on new programs, and more. This will help your supporters feel more connected to the work you are doing and will keep them in your network.

Building relationships

Being active online can open up new relationships with other nonprofits and businesses in your area. These can lead to event sponsorships and even corporate volunteer days that can provide aid and financial relief for your organization. Plus, their employees and supporters will find out about the work you do and can become a part of your regular audience as well.

If you aren’t using your social media often or effectively, they can become a drain on your time and energy. By creating a strong content and posting calendar you can increase donations and engagement easily, without having to spend much money or time doing so. Take care to craft appropriate messages and images for your accounts, you will probably find that what works for Facebook isn't effective on Instagram or Twitter. You may also want to consider when you post, and how often, to reach your desired audience when they are most likely to be online. When used effectively, social media is a great tool for expanding your reach and increasing your impact. 

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