Meet a Boston Techie

Meet a Boston Techie: Demeatres Fontaine Deskside Support Technician

Mobile phone not downloading e mail? Printer acting up? When busy clinicians at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) need a helping hand, they call Demeatres Fontaine.

Demeatres came to TNB with a certificate in advanced computer technologies. At TNB, he completed a six-week training internship. Now, as a deskside support technician, he works for TNB but is fully integrated into the IT department at CCA.

Demeatres’s responsibilities range from application support to phone help, working directly with end users at the client office. He keeps CCA managers apprised of routine maintenance needs. If a problem needs
escalation, Demeatres has a quick line back to Tech Networks of Boston, where further resources can be mobilized.

Demeatres loves being part of the IT team at CCA. He is excited about technology’s new role in medical settings; he plans to build his career in healthcare IT.


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