Meet a Boston Techie: Joe Snowden, VP of Business Development

IMG_3750b-crop1-forweb Joe Snowden by TNB offices

While sales people often focus on getting clients to sign on the dotted line and move on as quickly as possible, for the past 30 years Joe has been invested in long-term client satisfaction across several industries. Joe is experienced at transforming the “back offices” of organizations in order to make sure clients get what they need. For instance, while working for a Home Improvement Contractor, he implemented a fulfillment calendar to make sure he was able to make and keep promises to clients. Joe quoting Epictetus, says "‘We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.’ I have learned to listen to client needs… as I listened to the problems of our clients, I saw right away the parallel between IT and my prior work for a chimney company.” In chimney repair, allowing for a lapse in repairs can cause catastrophic failure, endanger households and cost many times as much as completing routine maintenance. Joe joined TNB in May and has been an evangelist for longer-term thinking here as well. By asking the right questions, Joe has helped clients see the importance of investing in planning and improvements in infrastructure that have helped save them money, improve efficiency and better focus on their missions. 


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