Meet a Boston Techie

Meet a Boston Techie: Tuan Pham, Project Manager & Lead Trainer

In the four years Tuan Pham has worked at Tech Networks of Boston, he’s had ample opportunity to showcase his diverse skillset. Tuan has been a true team player, taking on a wide range of responsibilities, from marketing to project management to web development. In his new role as Training Manager, Tuan is able to leverage his previous college-level teaching experience as well as his cornucopia of professional credentials. Tuan’s aptitude for learning new software has enabled him to pass dozens of certification exams, including some of Microsoft’s toughest, like the Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

Tuan’s experience wearing multiple hats allows him to see problems from the end-user perspective. A little-known fact: After Tuan obtained his Master’s degree in Journalism from Boston University, he went to work for the Boston Herald as a sports writer. No wonder he’s a whiz at explaining technical concepts in plain English. He also draws on his sports journalism experience to help lighten up his classes with a dose of healthy humor.


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