Securing Your Business and Your Network: The Advantages of Physical Security as a Service

In safeguarding our business, we often focus on digital data protection and recovery tools. However, it's important to recognize the significance of physical security and how it can integrate with cybersecurity measures, asking if existing physical security solutions put your network at risk.

Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) introduces a strategic approach to managing physical security through cloud-based solutions. We’ve provided an overview of PSaaS and its potential advantages for your organization.

Understanding PSaaS:

Opting for a cloud-native PSaaS solution eliminates unnecessary hardware from your network, reducing vulnerabilities and allowing you to delegate the maintenance of necessary hardware, adding extra protection. You can rely on security experts to help keep your organization secure.

Key benefits of PSaaS solutions include simplicity, scalability, and redundancy from a unified platform available anywhere, from any device, and reducing the burden on your IT team.

Key PSaaS Services Include:

  • Video Surveillance: Manage surveillance cameras across your location(s), offering remote access to live video and recordings. Robust features such as battery backup and SD card storage ensure continuity even during power outages or internet connectivity
  • Access Control: Management of systems using key cards or other identification methods to secure facility access, focusing on ensuring functionality during emergencies.
  • Incident Response: Rapid and effective monitoring and response to security breaches, suspicious activities, or other incidents by a specialized team.

In addition to these key services, audio deterrents, sensors, and analytics services are available to address your organization’s unique needs. Given the dynamic nature of organizational needs, PSaaS allows for easy adaptation and customization of services.

Key Benefits of PSaaS:

  1. Maintenance and Upgrades: PSaaS eliminates the burden of maintaining and upgrading on-premise hardware, providing access to cutting-edge security tools without worrying about updates, replacement costs, or network vulnerabilities.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Collaborating with a PSaaS provider offers access to advanced security solutions without substantial upfront costs. The service-oriented model ensures outstanding physical security at an affordable price point.
  3. Scalability: PSaaS allows for the increase or adjustment of physical security measures to grow with your business. Whether you are expanding to new sites, integrating additional tools, or streamlining existing services, your provider can assist in decision-making and cost planning.
  4. 24/7 Monitoring: Small businesses and nonprofits often lack the resources for continuous in-house security system monitoring. PSaaS providers offer options for 24/7 monitoring services, ensuring a rapid response to any security incidents.

The right physical security strategy should protect both your digital and physical assets. Tech Networks of Boston is ready to provide tailored security solution recommendations to reduce network vulnerabilities while gaining peace of mind. Contact us today to start a conversation and learn more about the benefits of cloud-based physical security solutions.

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