How Small Businesses Can Employ a SOC

Learning about cybersecurity involves a lot of acronyms that don’t make sense to non-techie people. You have probably read about SOCs before but may not understand what they are or why they matter to your business. We will cover the basics of what a Security Operations Center (SOC) is, why they’re important, and how even small businesses can take advantage of one.  

What is a SOC? 

SOCs provide a variety of cybersecurity services, including 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability management, and incident response. This is done by a combination of automated tools and human management to help you monitor, detect, and act on cyber threats. In many ways, a SOC can be considered the extension of a Network Operations Center (NOC) with a greater emphasis on managing and mitigating cyber risk. Security Operations Centers are also held to higher standards of operations, requiring strict compliance to qualify as a SOC. For this reason, SOCs are typically employed by larger organizations and smaller organizations don’t have the manpower or funding necessary.  

Why should a small business use a SOC? 

As organizations continue operating in Cloud environments it becomes increasingly critical to keep abreast of current cybersecurity threats and trends. The advanced level of detection provided by a SOC allows businesses of any size to respond to threats or breaches more quickly. It also allows for threat hunting. Instead of waiting for attackers to act, SOC experts can proactively look for malicious or suspicious activity in your environment to stop bad actors before they impact your business. 

How can a small organization manage a SOC? 

It may seem impossible for a small organization to employ a SOC without a large team of in-house experts. However, if you work with an MSP, it is likely that they have their own SOC or work with trusted partners who can provide this service. This is the most cost-effective way to employ advanced security tools for small businesses and nonprofits, as it doesn’t require hiring additional staff and will be a per-user fee added on to your regular IT services billing.  

Tech Networks of Boston has over 28 years of experience serving nonprofits and small businesses in the Greater Boston Area. If you have questions about your cybersecurity efforts or are interested in learning more about managed SOC options, please contact us.  

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