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Why Spam Filtering Matters

Everyone has encountered spam emails at one time or another. While some of them may be obvious and easy to avoid, some of these messages may be more believable and dangerous to interact with. We've written before about how to spot a suspicious email, but the use of spam filter tools can be just as important.  

What is Spam?
Spam is the digital version of junk mail. You can receive spam as an email, text, phone call, or even social media message. The goal of spam messages is often to get someone to follow a link or provide personal information that can then be used by a malicious actor. 

What is a Spam Filter?
A spam filter does exactly what the name implies: it identifies and discards spam messages before they reach the intended target. There are a variety of ways a spam filter can determine what is and isn't a legitimate message including analyzing content, using a list of known spammers to block incoming messages, language filters, and rules set up by individual users or organizations. Messages marked as spam will typically be moved to a separate folder where the user can then review the messages securely to determine if they come from a legitimate source.

Can I Rely on Default Tools?
While email providers like Google and Microsoft have built-in spam filters, you may find it valuable to use additional security measures. If you are managing the email for an entire organization it is likely that the default tools will not be equipped to handle the volume of messages and potential malicious emails. An additional layer of security can provide you with more adaptability to set rules and alert users to suspicious messages. Spam messages can be a huge threat to any organization and using a proper filter helps reduce the risk of human error.

How Do I Implement a Spam Filter?
Your IT department can help you review your options and make suggestions for spam filters. Once you have selected the right tool for your organization they can help you set rules and permissions before deploying the tool across your organization. 

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