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Step into the Cloud with Tech Networks of Boston

If you’re still running your own Exchange server or file server, or worrying about sitewide licenses for Microsoft Office upgrades or compatibility with staff members’ mixed Windows and Macintosh laptops, it might be time to step into the cloud.  Tech Networks of Boston is here to help you take that step.

Cloud migration will save you time and money from day one.  Instead of running your own servers, let Microsoft host your Exchange e-mail and SharePoint servers, while you no longer worry about server maintenance.  You can even get all-new Office Professional licenses for low monthly subscriptions, with free upgrades as Microsoft releases new versions, instead of paying for your upgrades up-front.  That’s life in the cloud.

When you step into the cloud, Tech Networks will ensure it’s successful.  We provide Microsoft cloud hosting, and with the technical experience and client-oriented problem solving of our IT staff, we’ll migrate your information correctly and securely into the cloud, and we’ll always be there to solve any issues or handle further upgrade needs as they arise.

Microsoft Office 365 is your gateway into the cloud.  With Office 365, you get cloud-hosted servers for your Exchange e-mail and SharePoint needs, along with the latest Office Professional software, available both on your desktop and on the Web.  All of this comes at low monthly subscription prices.  In fact, if your organization could use Exchange but has never wanted to pay a high up-front price, Office 365 could be ideal.

Step into the cloud with us.  As a certified Microsoft Partner, Tech Networks of Boston is your guide to life in the cloud.

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