Tech Networks of Boston Stands in Solidarity with the AAPI Community

In 2020, Tech Networks of Boston along with many organizations released a statement about the Black Lives Matter movement and our commitment to upholding justice, equity, and inclusion within our company and community. Now, in March 2021, we are faced with increased hatred and attacks against the Asian American community. This anti-Asian sentiment has also been growing globally since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and has put many in danger. We know that racism is not a new problem but something that has shaped the development of our country and our world for centuries. We are committed, both within our organization and outside of it, to creating a more equitable world.


We know simply stating we stand against anti-Asian racism and that we intend, at the core of our company, to be an anti-racist organization is not enough. We ask that our employees and our community members share their thoughts with us, and we will continue having regular opportunities for our team to speak openly with us about the ways in which we can grow to be a more anti-racist organization. We will also continue searching for ways to use our business as a force for good. Through our Black-led Nonprofit Incubator fund and our volunteer PTO program, as well as by serving the needs of various nonprofits across the country, we have begun to find ways to do the difficult work of using our power as a business to create change. We hope that other business leaders in our community will do the same, not only in their charitable contributions but through hiring, equitable pay, and meaningful company policy. At Tech Networks of Boston our motto is “We’re Better Together”, and we intend to use our 26 years of experience to help bring about better changes in our community.

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