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Tips for Increasing Volunteer Participation

The team at Tech Networks of Boston has always been passionate about getting involved and making a difference. Whether its being a founding member of the Climate Action Business Association (CABA), getting involved with Southie Trees, sending our founder to Borneo to volunteer for the Orangutan Foundation, or donating to our clients for #GivingTuesday – we love using business as a force for good. Our employees also love volunteering for their local churches, raising money for children’s literacy, serving on different Boards, and bringing awareness to LGBTQ+ issues. Giving back is at the core of what we do, so we were excited to work with Swing Left Greater Boston in creating their website just in time for the Midterm Elections.

Over time, we have learned a lot about volunteering and recruiting volunteers for important causes. We spoke with our staff and put together a few hard-won tips that we hope can help others make a difference in the world. Whether you’re creating a website, trying to reach out on social media, looking for team-building opportunities, or recruiting community members to volunteer at an event, we hope you find something useful!

  1. Just Ask – Seriously, you never get a volunteer (or a donation) if you don’t ask for it! Don’t be too shy to ask those around you for support – you may be surprised with the results.
  2. Build camaraderie - Exceptional corporate culture occurs when employers value team members and employees feel they play an important role in the company's success. Organize group events so employees can feel they are making a difference together. This could be a trip to the local soup kitchen, or a Walk/Run 5k that you can complete as a team.
  3. Create a Facebook Event – Facebook is key when it comes to promoting an event to people online. By creating a Facebook event, you can easily promote and share information as well as get an idea of how many people will be attending. Most people who are active online will search for events on Facebook when they’re looking for something to do!
  4. Use Eventbrite for Paid Tickets – Eventbrite is great for creating tiers of paid tickets for events, tracking attendance, and sending reminder emails to attendees. Eventbrite also recommends events on its site to users, so you might get unpaid exposure.
  5. Share Content on Social Media – It is important to have a presence on social media if you are looking to recruit support for your organization or group. Share content frequently and engage with people who comment on your posts. Great content includes photos of people volunteering, details for upcoming events, and your organization’s achievements.
  6. Phone a Friend – Ask current volunteers to help you expand your reach by bringing friends to events, sharing your newsletter, or posting your content to their audiences online.
  7. Make it Easy – Making it easy for people to say “Yes!” is the best way to recruit volunteers. Have a button on your website that leads directly to a volunteer sign up page. Share posts on social media that link to event sign-up forms. Respond to all inquiries on social media with contact information and a suggested volunteer opportunity. Ease of access is key!

For more great information on volunteer management and recruitment, check out the following resources:


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How do you encourage volunteer participation at your workplace? Leave us your tips below!


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