TNB Re-certified as a B Corporation – we'd like to thank YOU!

At Tech Networks of Boston, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve. We are humbled by the support that our nonprofit community has shown us in choosing Tech Networks, which has enabled us to use the resources we have to spread our knowledge, build community, and to safeguard and protect the valuable data which we have been entrusted.

By allowing us to serve you and learn from our community of practice, we have been able to achieve a great honor. We are excited to share that we recently earned re-certification as a B Corp, scoring 146 points out of 200. This was an increase from our previous score of 118 and 91 points above what an average corporation would score on the assessment.

Certified B Corporations exist to differentiate the corporations that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. By allowing us to serve you, we have had the financial means to:

  • Offer the TNB Roundtables –free, bi-weekly peer-learning events on topics of interest to the nonprofit community.
  • Support the Climate Action Business Association -a group of community businesses leading the battle to stop climate change, incorporate the cost of pollution into market prices, and build resilient local economies.
  • Provide Tech Networks employees opportunities for professional development and training.
  • Invest in the local community by creating a bright career path in IT for young adults who have faced socio-economic, scholastic, or other challenges.

We’d therefore like to say a huge thank you! Achieving this goal and continuing to provide innovative ways to serve the community is not possible without your support. It is our pleasure to serve the nonprofit community and continue to learn valuable lessons to better the world we live in.





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