TNB to host workshop on collaborative IT for small budgets

Tech Networks of Boston will be hosting a workshop on collaborative IT for small budgets at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Annual Conference on October 29 at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center.


Susan Labandibar, President of Tech Networks, David Gleason, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at TNB and Tom McLaughlin, principal at McLaughlin and Associates will be introducing Collaborative IT and how it applies as a new model of technology management.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce and apply Collaborative IT as a new model of technology management.  Information technology is widely accepted as an integral part of contemporary management, but nonprofit organizations often see IT as a two-way back office function serving the staff, who then serve the clients, constituents, and other stakeholders.  For organizations with large budgets, this model can work well.  But small to medium sized nonprofits need a more economical model, which can often be handled by making day-to-day changes in the way certain aspects of Information Technology are managed.  This workshop will demonstrate how Collaborative IT can improve technology cost efficiency for all types of nonprofits.  It will help organizations develop cross-functional, inter-organizational collaborations that will use IT as a component of new programs and as a resource for outcomes measurement and performance management.

The MNN Conference is one of the largest gatherings of nonprofit professionals in the state and will present participants with the information, skills and tools they need to bring new tactics and energy to their organization.

Registration closes October 22 and we encourage you to join and spread the word!


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