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TNB to present Roundtable panel "Defining Ourselves - Data Analysis within Nonprofits" Tuesday, June 14

This coming Tuesday, Tech Networks of Boston will present a Roundtable session on a data analysis within nonprofit organizations. This event sold out with 80 registrants, and 87 people on the waiting list. Our panelists have been preparing for the past couple weeks to present a well-executed, organized Roundtable discussion.

This session will feature a distinguished panel of nonprofit data analysis professionals: Shane Culliton (Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation), Annie Fletcher (St Francis House), Matan BenYishay (Pine Street Inn), Blessing Dube (Institute for Community Health), and Gavin O’Brien (Community Servings).

Each panelist had a comment on the session:

“We’ve all heard that data can revolutionize impacts in the nonprofit world - making nonprofits smarter, leaner, and more effective. But can these benefits be realized without a real understanding of the proper use of this data? Most likely not."

“The truth about data is that it only has real value if it changes the way organizations act and think. And yet, while many nonprofits recognize that they need a data-driven strategy to boost impact, maximize capacity, and build better relationships, a recent study shows that more than 56% of respondents said their nonprofits don't have any staff dedicated to data strategies."

“The availability of data by itself isn’t enough. In order to have a an effective data strategy as a whole, nonprofits need to be able to define the questions they’re trying to answer with data, why they’re asking those questions, how exactly they will use the answers to become more effective, and how the organization navigates the changes necessary to arrive at a “data culture.” Who are the staff members that do this data work? How will they work as part of your team? What can you expect from them and how should you expect to support them? And who might already be using data at your agency without being aware of it?"    

“This roundtable series will bring together several nonprofit data professionals to discuss their experiences and recommendations around these very realities."    

“This session is recommended for people involved in nonprofit data analysis as well as staff and leadership interested in bringing this culture to their organization.”  

Here's a bit more about our panelists:

shane cullitonShane Culliton joined Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation in April of 2014 as their systems and data manager.  Over the last couple of years, he has been guiding the staff through the processes of pertinent data capture, analysis, and impact measurement. His past positions include project manager of the Choice Neighborhood Planning Initiative and program manager of the Woonsocket Main Street Program at NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley.  He holds an undergraduate degree in International Affairs from Northern Arizona University, and an MBA from Webster University.”
annie fletcherAnnie Fletcher joined St. Francis House in June of 2014 as the database and program evaluation manager.   St. Francis House is a day shelter in Boston that provides an array of basic need services including food and clothing, vocational rehabilitation, and permanent, supported housing for individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness.  Annie works with other members of the leadership team to strategically design and build data collection methods agency-wide.  As part of her role, Annie manages data input into the client-based ETO data collection system and analyzes information in relation to agency goals and program key indicators.  Annie also trains staff on database usage, protocol, and the value of program evaluation.  Annie Fletcher holds a MSW from Boston College, where she specialized in macro practices.

gavin obrienGavin O'Brien is the programs data analyst at Community Servings, an organization that delivers medically-tailored meals to people with critical illnesses. He manages a client database, tracks progress toward meeting organizational goals, and reports on program outcomes. Prior to joining Community Servings in 2014, Gavin received a Master of Public Policy from Brandeis University and worked in state government at the Maine Ethics Commission.


blessing dubeBlessing Dube is a data analyst at the Institute for Community Health; a research and evaluation nonprofit organization that utilizes participatory research and evaluation to improve community health. She drives quantitative solutions for multiple projects by applying statistical modeling and optimizing processes to analyze public health data for project implementation, research and evaluation. She believes that “data without use is data without value,” and she is passionate about translating effective interventions for improved healthcare delivery and outcomes. Blessing received her BSc. in Health Education and Health Promotion from the University of Zimbabwe and her MPH from Tulane University’s School of Public Health.

matan benMatan BenYishay joined Pine Street Inn Housing in September 2014 as the data collection and reporting coordinator, and now holds the title of administrator of systems and performance management. Pine Street Inn is dedicated to ending homelessness by, among other things, providing supportive housing for chronically homeless people. Matan manages data collection and outcomes measurement for the Supportive Housing Department, with close to 120 staff. He analyzes trends, builds reporting tools, trains staff, and attempts to transform evaluation culture by “democratizing data.” Prior to Pine Street Inn Housing, Matan worked for Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, where he managed a longitudinal survey project of participants who lost rental subsidies. Matan holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and a Master of Public Policy degree from the Brandeis University Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

We look forward to this session!

As a reminder, if your organization is a Massachusetts Nonprofit Network member, you are eligible to sign up for our early-bird mailing list for all Roundtable events. This group receives the invitations 24 hours in advance to the general public. Email with your name, organization and contact info, and we will be sure to add you to the list. For general Roundtable signups, visit our website at to add yourself to the mailing list.

Thank you!

-Tech Networks of Boston


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