3 Tech Tricks to Help You Save Energy

This time of year the sun goes down earlier and the weather gets colder, which leads us to turn on more lights and crank up the heat. You might be worried about your energy consumption as Fall creeps into Winter, and we wanted to share three ways your technology can be more eco-friendly, at home or in the office. 

Pick the right lightbulb

Switching from traditional, incandescent lightbulbs to LED bulbs can save a significant amount of energy. They are also longer lasting, which means you will have to change them less frequently leading to reduced costs and waste in the long term.

Unplug your devices

When you’re done with work for the day do you shut down and unplug your computer or do you just put it to sleep and walk away? Unplugging devices that are not in use is a great, easy way to reduce energy consumption.

Update old machines

Older machines or hardware, like your appliances or server, could be using more energy than necessary. Consider making a switch to a newer, energy efficient model to reduce some of your energy consumption throughout the day. Making sure your electronics and appliances are properly maintained will also help reduce power usage. 

These are just a few simple ways to reduce the amount of energy you use each day. There are a ton of other ways to reduce waste throughout your home and workplace, including recycling and composting waste materials, switching to reusable cups and containers, or moving to a cloud-based environment.


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