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5 Digital Trends to Transform Your Business

Technology has the ability to "disrupt" businesses and the way they perform. Some examples are Uber upending the taxi business, or Facebook changing how people communicate. The news focuses on business disruption on a grander scale, usually focusing on companies that grew to hundreds of millions in revenue almost overnight.

Disruption happens on a smaller scale too, and you can use this to your advantage to positively disrupt how business is done in your industry. With many new apps and software available every day, strategic thinking and smart investment can help you use these new technologies to put your business a step ahead.

Some of the hot "disruptive" trends that people are talking about include:

  • Mobile Internet
  • The Internet of Things
  • Knowledge work automation
  • Cloud Technology
  • Big Data

Take a look at this Microsoft article to read more about five digital trends that could help the way you do business.



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