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Meet a Boston Techie: Eliot Sennett, Chief Technology Officer

Eliot Sennett’s guiding principal is quality. He believes “Quality is free, so let’s give it away.”

Quality motivates Eliot to always wonder how TNB can be better, do more, or become more efficient. Our Chief Technology Officer also has a passion for woodworking (he made the table in the picture), vegetable gardening, puns, and new technologies.

Eliot is particularly proud of TNB’s Collaborative Technology Management (CTM) offering because it “fosters the highest level of service delivery at a very affordable price while building long-term relationships with clients.” In addition to collaborating on the design and deployment of CTM, Eliot provides TNB clients with insights through strategic planning for technology.

If you have a suggestion or feedback, please contact Eliot at eliot.sennett@techboston.com.



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