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Focus on Cloud Computing: Keep Your Own Copy

Cloud computing, the current stage in the Internet's evolution, makes it possible to deliver everything from computing power and infrastructure to applications, business processes and collaboration as a service wherever and whenever you need it. Flexibility and efficiency make the cloud attractive.

Pros: Each of the essential characteristics is available to users on demand:

  • elasticity and scalability that allows users to adjust usage;
  • self-service provisioning;
  • billing and usage measurement enable a pay-as-you-go model.

Cons: Downsides of cloud computing can include issues of speed, data access and vendor dependence. Internet applications, and access to information can be slowed by your Internet connection which, of course, also can be interrupted. Many small organizations are   concerned about putting data—their second most valuable asset after people—in the hands of a subscription service.

Solutions: Often, the best solution incorporates a hybrid of cloud and local computing that balances the efficiency of cloud computing with the speed, reliability, and comfort of local computing.

NextTech is TNB’s service offering that integrates the two so you can keep your own copy of the cloud.


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