Take advantage of this offer: Free Facebook advertising credits for nonprofits

We have a special deal for our nonprofit friends and clients. If you are currently the admin of your nonprofit's Facebook page, you can score some free credits for advertising!
ActionSprout, with support from Facebook, is distributing $2,000,000 in ad credits to thousands of nonprofits in order to help them start 2016 with more engaged fans and supporters.
Take advantage of this offer by using  this link from Tech Networks of Boston.
Before you begin advertising, remember these 3 Facebook advertising best practices:
1. Always determine your objectives before you start: It's important to know the purpose of your Facebook ad before you decide on a budget for advertisements. Understand whether the aim is to increase for brand awareness, conversions, video views, etc. Each action made by your audience on your Facebook ad costs money, so make sure you solidify your objectives before making those investments.

2. Be specific on your audience targeting: Facebook houses millions, if not billions, of data points. Take the time to get very specific in your audience targeting to ensure your ad will appear where the people you want to see it will be.

3. Rotate your ads regularly: To avoid ad fatigue, rotate your Facebook ads regularly. This means that when people start to see your ad too many times, they get bored of it and stop clicking. Unfortunately, when your clickthrough rate starts to drop, Facebook penalizes you, driving up your cost per click (CPC)-which makes likes, comments, and clickthroughs more expensive. This affects both acquisition and engagement campaigns. To avoid this, rotate your ads every 3 to 5 days.

Happy marketing!


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