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Participate in NTEN's 2016 Benchmarks Survey on online fundraising

When looking to learn about best practices, what better way than to learn from your peers?

NTEN is looking to collect data from nonprofits like yours to build their Benchmarks report for online fundraising and advocacy. Participate in this year's M+R and NTEN 2016 Benchmarks Survey. Now in it’s tenth year, the report collects and analyzes data from nonprofits to establish benchmarks and trends that nonprofits can use when crafting their digital strategies.

Your contributions are completely confidential and you’ll help make Benchmarks the most complete and comprehensive compendium of online nonprofit metrics possible—and you’ll find out everything you need to know about the numbers that matter most.

Help determine the industry standard for online fundraising and advocacy. Sign up to participate here: by December 31st. 


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