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Tech networks of boston announced as 2018 Best for the world honoree

Last week, B the Change announced that Tech Networks of Boston made its 2018 Best For The World list, which honors organizations with a positive business impact. The full B Impact Assessment evaluates a company’s environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, involvement in the local community, and impact that a company’s product or service has on those it serves – just to name a few.

To become a ‘Best For The World: Overall Honoree’, a company must score in the top 10 percent of Certified B Corps across the category areas of the assessment.  

Tech Networks of Boston placed in the top 10 percent in the Overall, Community, and Governance categories.

For the past 23 years, we have operated our company with the mission of bringing benefits to our customers, community, team, and the environment. Your business and support have allowed us to achieve this honor, and for that, we thank you!

On behalf of everyone here at Tech Networks of Boston, thank you for believing in our motto of being "Better Together" as we continue to service Boston's non-profit community.  

To full the full list of honorees, you can do so here.


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