The Benefits of Simplifying Your Technology

How many different tools does your organization use during regular operations? That can be a difficult question to answer for many nonprofits and small businesses. Often, business operations get broken down into silos operating independently of each other, which can lead to many differences in the processes, procedures, and tools used to complete work. However, having too many digital tools can be costly, confusing, and redundant. Here are some reasons you should take a closer look at your organization's technology and make moves to consolidate and simplify.

Aligning Staff

As teams rely on their particular unique tools or systems, they become further removed from the rest of the organization. By using fewer tech tools, and relying on ones that can be used across multiple departments, you can increase collaboration, ensure teams have the same data and references, and better meet your overall goals.

Reducing Costs

Maintaining multiple redundant tools can lead to overspending of funds and wasted staff hours. By paying for a single tool that serves cross-functional teams and can provide stronger insights you are saving money as well as hours of administrative time needed to maintain and manage various systems across your organization. This would free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business and help you reach your objectives.

Stronger data

If your teams store their data in separate places it can be hard to get a holistic view of your operations. While annual or quarterly reporting can help you gain a better sense of the data, having a singular repository can give you stronger insights and save you time and energy. This could help you plan, adjust, and better serve your customers, clients, or communities.

There are many reasons why organizations adopt new or different tools to complete work. While independent tools may make sense to some, it is always beneficial to see if there are areas where you can consolidate technology to better serve the needs of cross-functional teams within your organization. If you are interested in an assessment of your current technology or want help planning for the future, please contact us.

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