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TNB's Year in Review

Every workplace has qualities that set them apart, and at TNB, we are proud of the various ways our staff is able to support our community. At TNB, our mission is to empower positive change in the world through mission-driven organizations by providing them with the tools, technologies, and services that extend their reach and increase their impact. We spent some time reflecting on this past year and all the efforts our team put in to help us achieve our mission, and wanted to share our year in review.

We also wanted to remind you about a few things that will allow us to better serve you:

Do you receive invitations to our Roundtable events? In 2018 we will continue to offer free peer-learning workshops on topics that are relevant to the nonprofit sector in order to help you. You can sign up here to receive invitations.

Does your organization have any fundraising or charity events coming up? Our Boston Charity Events website is a free event posting site that is available to all. At the end of each month, a newsletter with all the following month’s events is distributed to our 10,000 person mailing list. If you haven’t visited the site yet, you can access it here.

Does your nonprofit need help with your IT support, project needs, or cybersecurity training services? We would be happy to help you achieve your IT goals in 2018 – just drop us a line.

We wish you a very healthy and happy 2018 and look forward to working “better together”.

- The team at Tech Networks of Boston



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