Where IT Impacts a Rebrand

Many organizations find it helpful to refresh or entirely rebrand after years of operations. While changes to fonts, colors, and tone can be handled by your marketing team, there are times when you will have to involve your IT department. We have broken down some key places where IT is essential to rebranding. 

Creating a new website 

A rebrand that involves changing your website name will often require other adjustments. You will most likely want to redo the look and feel of your website and remove or update old content across the board. Technical resources can help you map your content, design your new site, and help with other backend requirements like accessibility and SEO-optimization. Nonprofits can also take advantage of free or discounted tools like Google Ads to promote brand changes and direct traffic to a new site. 

Changing your domain  

When you change your organization's name, you will need to change your domain. This will impact your website, email addresses, and more across your organization. Your IT provider will be able to help you determine what needs to change and when for a successful transition.  

Updating your Accounts 

Every organization works with a variety of third parties to help them with payment processing, donor management, marketing automation, and more. You will need to keep track of which tools you use, update your login and account name information, and possibly update templates, logos, fonts, and more within various platforms. Your IT team will be able to help you keep track of what accounts need to be updated and can provide the appropriate credentials to make these changes. 

Making the switch 

Unfortunately, rebranding is not something that is released in small steps. While you want people to be excited about and aware of your rebrand, it is best not to make big changes during regular business hours. You may want to consider setting aside a weekend day or scheduling evening work to launch your new website, change over your domain, and complete other rebranding tasks. Your IT department will have to be on hand to deal with the technical aspects, make sure nothing goes offline, and generally ensure everything goes well.  

Post-change cleanup  

Even with planning and dedicated resources there are always small things that can crop up after a big project. Some staff may have trouble with their new logins, need help with updated technology or processes, or have other questions in the days following the change. Your IT team should be prepared to handle these support requests and questions to make the transition easier for your staff and help you return to normal operations as quickly as possible.  


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