Creating a Tech Budget for the New Year

We've written before about why technology planning matters, and creating an informed budget is an important part of any business planning. When you look ahead to growing, improving, or streamlining your technology stack you also need to determine how you will afford those investments. We've gathered a few things to consider when you create your budget for the new year.

Onboarding new staff
There is a lot that goes into hiring and training new staff members, and technology is a huge part of that. Ensuring you have the right laptops, software licenses, and other tools allows you to onboard new hires confidently. If you are anticipating growth at your organization it may be a good time to sit down and think about what all those necessities are, their costs, and when you expect to need them. This will help you grow your team with less stress and fewer last minute purchases.

Updating old machines
While every team member may have gotten a laptop when they started, some of those devices should likely be replaced. You can work with your IT team to create a plan for cycling out older machines, especially if you have already been tracking the devices you provide to your staff. You can also think about other hardware, like your servers, and create a plan for upgrades or cloud migrations as needed. This is something that will allow you to think multiple years ahead, helping you create a proactive plan and budget for your technology. 

Technology projects
There are many projects, large and small, that may impact your IT budget. Whether you're planning to move to the cloud, change your phone systems, migrate your emails, or even move office spaces, you should work with your IT department to consider the costs that will go into those projects. Ideally, you won't be surprised by an IT project, but making sure you have room in the budget can help you set reasonable timelines and goals for completion.

While your needs may change as the year progress, starting with a strong understanding of the current state of your IT infrastructure and where you want to go can help you minimize unexpected costs in the long run. If you need help with technology planning, please contact us. 

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