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Why an MSP Might be the Right Choice For Your Organization

Do you have an IT Director or manager? Is there in-house helpdesk support at your organization? Do you feel confident in the state of your IT security? If you answered no to any of these questions an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) might be the right choice for your organization.  


Many nonprofits and small businesses struggle with technology. Without a team of in-house IT experts, it can be difficult to navigate planning, budgeting, security breaches, and even everyday technical difficulties. With the increased importance of technology in our current remote-work reality it is essential that organizations have a strong IT support system. Here are some important ways an MSP could benefit your organization: 

Everyday technical support 

While we often think about critical downtime, security breaches, or other big problems as the primary reason for wanting IT support, everyday issues can drain time and money just as easily. While it might seem easy to call the youngest or most tech-savvy team member over to solve an issue, this ends up eating valuable time for your staff and may result in temporary fixes to your problems. Having a team of experts who are familiar with your systems and past issues can also help identify, and resolve, larger problems behind recurring issues with your technology. 

Increased security  

Working with security professionals can provide peace of mind surrounding your technology systems. Having a password policy or accessing important documents via VPN is critical to any business, but security doesn’t end there. An MSP can provide 24/7 monitoring and alerting for your systems, deploy critical patches and updates, help develop a disaster recovery plan, and help you train your employees on IT security best practices, so you are prepared for cyber threats before an attack happens. 

Proactive planning  

There are always big IT projects that need to get done, but it can be difficult to find the time or resources to do them. Working with an MSP can give you better insight into what aspect of IT your organization needs to focus on and can help you plan and budget for these projects. Proactive planning ensures you stay up-to-date and avoid costly emergencies down the line. 


There is a lot an MSP can do to help your organization. If you are struggling with your technology or would like additional support, you can reach out to Tech Networks of Boston. We offer a range of remote and in-person services for your organization’s size and needs. 


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