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Alert: Funds transfer email scam targeting nonprofits

alertTech Networks has been made aware of an ongoing scam email attempt to solicit funds from nonprofit organizations. In some cases, the scammer creates a similar domain name and pretends to be someone from within the organization. If you receive any suspicious emails asking for transfers of money, please be cautious.

A couple warning signs to look out for:

  • Incorrect URL: cyber-crooks can send emails from phony domain names that mimic your organization or a well known company. These can be created by changing a letter or a character, or using a different extension such as net instead of org. If any part of a URL in an email seems awry, do not click through it.
  • Suspicious text: watch for unusual urgency, incorrect grammar or messaging that is uncharacteristic of the sender.
  • False hyperlinks: always hover over embedded links to ensure that the link actually goes where the text says it will.

If you have any questions or are suspicious an an email, feel free to reach out to our team at Tech Networks.



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