How Technology is Changing the Way We Work in Teams

Chances are your organization works primarily on laptops and other mobile devices, making it easier to implement flexible work from home schedules or even have full-time staff who operate remotely. This idea might make you nervous. How do you know that people are actually working when they aren’t in the same office as everyone else? What happens if they miss an important meeting, or can’t provide feedback on a proposal that has a deadline? Luckily there are a variety of ways to keep employees in the loop and keep collaboration happening even when staff is working remotely. We want to break down some of the major ways technology can help your team collaborate if you’re all in a room together, working separately, or a combination of both.

Online file sharing 

With online file sharing tools teams can make edits and comments in real time. This helps ensure that everyone has the most recent version of a document and is providing any necessary feedback before proposals are due, presentations are given, or newsletters go out. Online file sharing also prevents documents from getting lost on personal desktops, in email chains, or on abandoned thumb drives. 

Video conferencing 

Video conferencing allows remote employees to be in the room for meetings. Instead of being a disembodied voice on the phone, remote employees can now see their colleagues and be seen which allows for better communication and a sense of camaraderie. Speakers can also file and screen share within most video conferencing systems, eliminating the need to use large projectors and allowing multiple speakers to present with ease. 

Task management

Using tools like Planner makes it easy for team members to see what sign-outs have been completed, meaning they can be assured that things are getting done on time. It also means that if someone can't go into the office unexpectedly, they aren't without their notes and to-do lists. This makes it easy to track tasks and follow up with team members when appropriate.


These are only a few examples of how technology can help your team communicate and collaborate with ease. You may feel like technology can never be a full replacement for in-person collaboration, and that’s alright. Luckily, there are tons of tools that can make it possible for your team to work better together. The way we work is changing every day and keeping up with the times is essential to attracting the right talent, working effectively, and reaching your goals. 


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