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Tuan Pham featured in Boston Business Journal Emerging Leaders

0626emerging-tuanphamTuan Pham, Executive Vice President at TNB, was interviewed by the Boston Business Journal and featured in their "Emerging Leaders" article in Friday's edition. He talks about his experiences at Tech Networks of Boston, involvement with Anime Boston, and how it all started with a course in Journalism.

Here's a snippet that mentions a unique TNB client:

When asked "Which of your clients particularly stand out to you?" Tuan said "Perkins School for the Blind, the way they approach technology is extremely different than everybody else. They're asking how we can use technology as assistive tools? And not just for blind people- that's the big stereotype. They're beyond that now. It's showing us a different side of things because its an experience that we haven't had; we've never been blind, we've never been differently abled, but we have to help them with the same things as anybody anywhere."

You can read the online article here.


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