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Deborah Elizabeth Finn Joins TNB to Provide Advice and Strategy

A well-known independent consultant to the nonprofit community in the Greater Boston area, Deborah Elizabeth Finn joined Tech Networks of Boston (TNB) on April 1, 2013. As the Senior Technical Advisor and Strategist, Deborah will manage a selection of client engagements, and help nonprofits align their IT functions with their organizational missions.

Deborah's role as an advisor at TNB will be critical in helping client organizations bring together resources and need seamlessly through strategic use of information and communication technologies.

"Deborah is a unique source of information, optimism, and connections for the nonprofit and technology communities. She has a wonderful capacity to understand technology and communicate empathetically with non-technical executives," according to John Marchiony, Vice President of Client Engagement.


As an independent consultant for the past decade, Deborah has worked with a diverse array of clients, including Community TechKnowledge, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Health Care For All/Community Catalyst, Third Sector New England, the Boston Foundation, the Labor Guild, the Rhode Island Foundation, the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, the Public Conversations Project, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, IDEAS Boston, and Perkins School for the Blind. Prior to that, she was TechFoundation"s national nonprofit liaison officer and director of the foundation"s Boston Tech Connect program.

Heavily involved in the nonprofit technology community in Boston, Deborah is a founding member of the Information Systems Forum, the Ethos Roundtable, Mission-Based Massachusetts, and the Boston Technobabes.

Deborah joins Michael Fenter, Vice President of Technical Services; David Gleason, Vice President of Strategic Solutions; and John Marchiony, Vice President of Client Engagement, as part of the expansion of TNB's executive team. This executive team build out is part of TNB's commitment to provide people-centric IT care services to its customers.


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